Certified Funeral Consultant

A few years ago I decided to become a funeral consultant.  I considered it an honor to help families through one of the most difficult times that they will inevitably encounter—the death of a loved one.

We are here to help. Whether you find yourself having to make funeral arrangements or simply wanting to know more about this topic, we can help.  We can give families simple and practical advice when planning for funerals or cremations.  It is our goal to make individuals more informed about the options available to them and to alleviate their emotional load by gently helping them with planning the service— it is just another reason that it is important to contact us directly for a phone consultation.

When planning ahead, make sure that you understand the terms of pre-payments to a funeral provider.  Do you have the options of changing your mind without penalties? Do you know what those options are? Can you transfer the plan out of State?  These are only a few of the questions that you should ask a sales person at a funeral home when meeting them or making arrangements for a pre-need.

As a Certified Funeral Consultants, we can offer years of experience in dealing with funeral homes.  We offer advice and recommendations to families who are making funeral arrangements for the first time.  By suggesting alternatives to more expensive traditional methods, families can still honor loved ones respectfully and with dignity without carrying a huge financial burden. Our services help to inform; to educate; to support; and to guide families through this emotional time.

The following are a few items for families to consider when making the funeral arrangements:

  • Request the price list and compare from at least two funeral homes before making a decision.  Funeral homes are required by law to provide a written price list for products and services
  • Consumers must be given itemized statements of goods and services selected.
  • You can reduce costs by having the viewing and service on the same day.
  • Do NOT agree to have the body transported to a funeral home unless that is where the funeral services will take place
  • What is a Cemetery Broker?
  • How do prices vary by geographic location within the cemetery? 
  • What is the cost of opening and closing a grave and how does it vary throughout the day and week?

La Tanyua Thompson offers a complimentary 30 minutes presentation to educate the people she comes in contact with.  This is an area that is very dear to her and you will see and hear her passion when she presents.  To learn more about the importance of:

  • Certified Funeral Consultant
  • Final Destination Package
  • The Benefits of Working with a Grief Coach

To achieve your desired outcome, invite La Tanyua to your church or upcoming event.