Empowered Widow has created an environment that will allow our clients to feel safe as we provide them and their family with a service. We pledge to maintain high moral ethical standards, and to be directed by the Spirit of God, while providing services to all people regardless of their color, race, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or financial status.

In meeting with families of diverse backgrounds, we learned that many were not able to grieve because there were so many decisions that needed to be made that could not wait.  It’s hard to lose a loved one—it’s even more difficult when you are left behind to make choices without the input of the one that has passed away.  What were their final wishes?

We gain a better understanding of their final wishes by working closely with the family to ensure that their final product is exactly the way that their loved one would have wanted their final story to be told.  We listen closely to make sure that we capture the details that will be needed when creating the program.  We customize the program because we believe that every life should tell its own story.  We encourage clients to work with us even before they need our services because this allows their story to be told through the client’s eyes and in their intended voice.

We are able to better acquaint ourselves with that voice by creating relationships with our clients in the following integral ways: (1) We want to be there as a resource for our families (2) We would like to provide them additional resources (3) Connect them via blog with others who share their stories (4) Provide a support system for them and their family.

When sitting down with a family or working with a family via teleconference, we realize that it’s important not only to listen with our ears but also with our hearts.  We understand first hand that this is a stressful time for you and your family.  We are attuned to the fact that you are gathering a lifetime of memories and condensing those memories into one half or one full page in an effort to reflect their entire life span. 

For example, by what story and events would they want to be remembered?  And which photo tells a story without a word being said?  How would your loved one want their final story to be told?  A funeral program is something that will be kept and passed on from generation to generation.  Through teamwork and dedication, our services reflect our core values of spirituality, compassion, integrity, and determination. Providing our clients with excellent service is and always will be our top priority.